coming to you live from MAINE

happy thanksgiving!
ah yes, another thanksgiving away from home. a little sad, but ya know, it’s pretty awesome anyway, seeing as i’m right here with absolutely wonderful people in a BEAUTIFUL state :o)
but anyway, to rewind, i have a few minutes before i get picked up…our supervisors visited over the weekend and it was pretty rockin. highlights included:
some awesome team prayer timefinding out our spring route – WY WA OR CA!!!
talking about love languages in women’s session
this crazy team building activity which included getting stranded at bowdoin college by our supes (they left tire marks) and following this 2 hour scavanger hunt which involved multiply “injuries”. ie – at each clue several people woud either go blind, break a leg, go mute, etc. and would have to be assisted by the team. at one point i had a broken leg, was blind, and mute. what i learned: well, lots of things, but a big one was that i hated not being able to talk and not being able to see just made it even worse. it was a good time, lots of life lessons and such, even though it wasn’t “fun” at all times for me. more later!

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