what it means to really cover ground

made it to london!!! yesterday involved some hardcore travel. it’s really amazing how you can be in such a completely different location in such a relatively short amount of time!
we left galway by bus in the morning, spent a few hours in dublin again (i got to call my mom and dad! yay!) then took a bus to the airport, then took a plane to london, then took a train to the subway, then took that through a bunch of stations and just happened to catch the LAST train of the night (early morning) to our station. that was totally god! it was still a kinda lengthy walk from the station with all of our stuff to our next hostel, especially since we kinda went the wrong way first, but we finally made it around 1:30 am. then patty was pushing the wrong doorbell so we stood at the door for like 5 minutes before anybody even knew we were there. but we eventually made it to the reception desk and lugged our stuff up 2 flights of stairs before crashing into our beds. there were already a couple other people in our room so we were super quiet. hope they didn’t mind the late arrival… i think one of them was a guy but i couldn’t really tell because everyone was in bed and they were gone when we woke up this morning. that’s kind of a different concept ya think? sleeping in the same room with these random people? whatever, i’m used to it, and patty and i are doin the whole smart travel buddy thing :o) anyways, we don’t have any food and i haven’t eaten for what seems like ages so we’re gonna find some grub and then explore london. cheers

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