onto the city

ah vienna! today we walked allllllllllll over vienna! such a beautiful city and there’s so much we didn’t get to see! we’re gonna go back for an opera in the opera house at some point this semester which i’m totally looking forward to after just seeing the building. never been an opera fan but this could totally be cool.
funnest part of the day: playing on the playground! ok austrians officially have way cooler playgrounds than american’s, hands down. we found this sweet one in the middle of vienna surrounded by all these amazing old famous building and statues and such so of course we had to play on it.
other cool things about vienna: 1. there’s an amazing church like every block it seems! i’ve never seen anything like these places. 2. statues just kinda popped up everywhere a few hundred years ago. very cool. 3. they have an abundance of street performers as well! we watched this breakdance type group during lunch. 4. school bought dinner for us! (note: wine should not be consumed on a completely empty stomach)
ahhhh ok i am very tired so i’m going to bed now!

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