colds, football, and FOPs

*sniffle* well guys, i seem to be kinda sick over here. there’s been something going around and i was hoping not to get it but i think i was just one of the last. bummer. meanwhile, lots of stuff has been goin on over here!
I’m a football player now!!! i decided to join an intermural team and am doing my very best to figure everything out. i know football is an american thing but it is quite foreign to me! we played our first game without a coach – lost 20 to 0. ouch. literally. my job was blocking. but things are improving because we now have a coach – named michael – who actually knows what he is doing and should help us out. we’ve had one practice and he had me playing center. yeah, never really snapped a ball before… anyways it’s a pretty non-intense thing and is actually turning out to be pretty fun.
last night i went to FOP – festival of praise- hosted by fransiscan. *very* awesome! it was great to see how everyone worked together to create a unique experience. the whole charismatic thing of course sparked some interesting discussion as well. people have such varying opinions about that type of thing.
so i went to bed last night feeling like i was getting sick but felt better this morning so got a bunch of people together and went off to the town of Lunz. actually chris and i were the onlyones ready for the early bus and so we went and explored for a couple hours and the others met us there. it’s this quaint little town with a BEAUTIFUL lake surrounded by mountains. wow. breathtaking.
anyways, yeah it was great but then i started to feel pretty rotten and yeah here i am now. there’s a big flea market tomorrow i’m hoping to make it too, and on sunday gaming is having a festival. poland next weekend…

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