around europe in 10 days

back from 10 day!!! what an amazing trip!!! the short and sweet of it…thursday – me and jacob forgot eurail passes, group decided to leave the next morning instead – partied in gaming that night!
friday – left in the afternoon, took night train to florence – slept on floor of train
saturday – saw florence, cool catherdral, david statue in gallery academia, arrived at rome that night, stayed with servant sisters
sunday – woke up at 5 am, went to papal mass in st. peters sqaure – 2ND ROW!!! explored ancient rome
monday – toured high-speed with maureen, split at lunch, visited JPII’s tomb, explored basillica, vatican museum/sistine chaple – WOW
tuesday – went to naples and island of capri with kristin – BEAUTIFUL
wednesday – up at crack of dawn for papal audience – 1ST ROW this time!!! got the papal blessing for me and my family :o) went up dome, spent more time in the basillica, did some shopping, went and caught plane to BARCELONA. spent night in barcelona by myself, yeah slightly scary but what an adventure!!!
thursday – went running downtown barcelona! meghan and laina found my hostel (thank God!!!) we went to the beach, had seafood, went to picasso museum, chilled.
friday – went to cathedral of the sacred family downtown (still being built afte 100 years) very cool, checked out freshfood market (awesome), went to Guadi’s park (really sweet architect guy, i loved it!) got effectively lost after sunset, finally made our way back, hung out with james, guy i met on the plane over, went to the pier/dowtown. couldn’t sleep in hostel cuz they were full, train station closed until 5 am, so we camped out on the sidewalk in front of the station and played cards till then. yeah, didn’t sleep at all that night…
saturday – chilled out in train station waiting for train, decided to go running, ran to national art musuem, got lost, managed to get back in time for train :o) took train to bilbao, where 2 servant sisters picked us up and took us to their convent. a real bed!!!
sunday – spent with the sisters!!!! absolutely amazing group of people, had a WONDERFUL time!!! concluded the day with adoration and,,, a pillow fight?!?!?! fun stuff
monday – went running through northern spain which i’ve decided is my favorite country area YET, so beautiful!!! went to garabandel, marian shrine, caught bus to airport, flew to london, chilled with a group from denmark in the airport all night (not much sleep here either )
tuesday – took plane, trains, and busses, and finally made it back to GAMING!!!wow, yeah it was pretty sweet and there’s so many cool stories to tell but so little time! pics will be up eventually.

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