Experiencing Lake Effect With Alissa

i enjoy my use of music and title clips in this one :o)

i shot this about a week ago and the lake effects of the west michigan winter 08 have not let up, at all.
take today, for example. in the course of a few hours, grand rapids recieved about 12 inches of accumulated snow. (i’ve got to say accumulated since the 12 inches doesn’t take into account the already fallen snow. that stuff blows around like it’s trying to be fresh snow all over again)
any way you look at it, 12 inches is a lot of snow. especially if you drive a tiny cavalier and have to treck across town in the peak of the storm.
seriously though, i now know how to get up a snow covered hill without sliding back down. there’s nothing like a sense of moving backwards to turn you into a quick study. basically, for those of you eagerly awaiting this life-saving lesson, you accelerate on and off and turn the wheel back and forth. you’re sort of zig – zagging up the incline. except for the fact that you’re hardly moving at all so the zig zag motion is effectively minimized.
zig-zagging up hills is officially the most exciting way to get home from work.

hope you enjoy(ed) the video ;o)

One thought on “Experiencing Lake Effect With Alissa

  1. Hey, Alissa. I just read your comment on my blog. I’m on break in class, and I thought I’d drop a quick response.

    I LOVE JPCU. I’ve been here for 2 years, and I’m majoring in media. I’m a director, and I’ve directed most of the student films that have been made at the school so far. I also helped organize and establish our annual student film contest here. So basically, yes, I love the school and if you are into music, film, gaming, internet anything, or any form of entrepreneurial business, and if you love God and the Church, I strongly recommend looking into the school. (Besides, the climate is a bit warmer.) 🙂

    But class is starting again, so I must go. Look into checking out one of our open houses!

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