The Noted Fashion Photographer and Former Model…

Nigel Barker.
Best known as one of Tyra Bank’s sidekicks on CW’s America’s Next Top Model, as well as judge and producer for VH1 series The Shot, Barker is also a successful photographer in his own right, working in his NYC studio and around the world.

Grand Rapids, Michigan is obviously the best place to find him.

But only if the date is October 2, 2008.

I like to know what’s going on in the world. Who wants to go through life limiting themselves to the boring routine of daily habits that have seemingly formed with no direct authorization from you? Okay, maybe a few people do want that, or if they don’t want it, they are at least satisfied with it. I suppose there is a certain comfort in always going to the same places, seeing the same people, eating the same food, and smelling the same smells. But not all the time. Routine may be beauty, but variety is the spice of life.

Since I function off of schedules and lists, my solution is to schedule variety as part of my routine. It works beautifully. Sometimes.

Regardless, I was in the midst of finding out what was going on in the world when I discovered that Nigel Barker was coming to Grand Rapids as the keynote speaker for the Grand Opening of the Richard Avedon photography exhibit at the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM). Sounded like a great opportunity to practice some initiative and interview skills. Besides, I needed to break-in my new voice recorder [olympus WS-110 – highly recomend it so far…]

Long story short, I got my name on the media list and ended up with two awesome interviews, GRAM director Celeste Adams, and Nigel Barker!

For you Nigel Barker fans out there, I’ve posted a few highlights of the interview in the posts below this one. Enjoy the charming accent ;o)

DISCLAIMER: voice recorders are great tools, for learning, self-review, remembering quotes, and increasing humility. There is nothing quite the same as listening to yourself perform one of the first major interviews of your life. Thoughts such as: “is that really what I sound like?” and, more self-kickingly, “why didn’t I ask ___?” are very common. I’m sure somewhere down the road I’ll look back on these learning expereinces with nostalgia…

Facebook Album with shots of the exhibit and Nigel

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