Of Orange Closets, Crowded Calenders, and Plastic Doors

[alternate title: The Adventures of Moving Into a Bachelor Pad]

New Home, Old Side of Town. Old Friends, New Adventures; New Friends, New Adventures. Old Work, New Work. Old Caffeine Addictions, New Coffee Maker Location. And a closet that has a bright orange glow. I seem to be capturing the best of all worlds at the moment.

The beginning of September brought the end of my ghetto apartment lease and the start of a new one, in one of those big, beautiful, old, East Grand Rapids homes. East Grand Rapids, how I have missed you! I’m not that far from my old place, but it’s a total different side of GR, literally and metaphorically speaking. I am once again sharing traffic space with AQ students, Yesterdog customers, and Gaslight Village Soccer Moms. I love it.

So. I live in a big house. Not a funky apartment. Weird. There are some things I will need to adjust to. Example 1A: My bed no longer consists of a mattress on the floor. (Okay that’s not the best example. I suppose I could have had a bed frame in the funky apartment.) Example 1B: I have space to hang my clothes up – on hangers, not chair-backs. Example 1C: The kitchen is down the hall, downstairs. As in, no longer two feet from my bedroom. Read: my coffee maker is far far away. Also read: a boy lives upstairs so I should be somewhat decent to venture into the kitchen. Read further: I have a tendency towards laziness before caffeine has been consumed. Ah well, adjusting to a new home is a process, right?

The move itself was a blast and a half… returning borrowed furniture, borrowing cars to move the token pieces of furniture I actually own, conning friends into helping me carry stuff (thanks, guys!), moving into a temporary bedroom while the ex-but-then-current tenant of my new room moved out a day late, and finally moving across the hall into my official room and unpacking, utilizing, of course, my new closet. Which has an orange glow.

Seriously. It does. It’s one of those twisty florescent lights, like the ones that are supposed to be energy efficient, except it’s orange. I’m not sure if that makes it more energy efficient or just kinda trippy. I’m gonna go with kinda trippy. You may just have to visit and experience it for yourself to understand what I mean.

[bonus – I now have a perfect scapegoat for any outfit that seems slightly “off”. It’s the orange light, I swear.]

In other news: life is busy with lots of adventures, including an expedition further into the land of “Social Media”. I’m now managing social media for Covenant Developments, playing around with ideas for website *stuff*, and learning that there is so much to learn, experiment with, and try. Thank goodness for wonderful people willing to impart their vast knowledge of this electronic conversation.

In other news X2: The first week in my new residence, my front door was constructed of a piece of plastic stapled to a door frame. Thanks to my ghetto roots, this was somehow totally okay with me. Don’t worry Mom, we have a real front door now.

One thought on “Of Orange Closets, Crowded Calenders, and Plastic Doors

  1. Glad you like your new digs. As a protective uncle, I had concerns about your old location–not based on what you said about it–I'm familiar with GR.

    What are the "social media" you manage? I assume that this is some funky new term which sounds cool, but isn't really descriptive. For example, chatting over coffee is a social medium (and one of my favorites}.

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