It’s a favorite! And so is that! And that one too!

boxcarFavorites.   How limited.  How incredibly close-minded.  Just to pick.  To be so decisive about something as subjective as preference.  The Best.  The One and Only.  The Favorite.  There are far too many things in life that I like to allow myself to pick favorites.   Anti-Favorite is my official stance.

Whenever I do happen to pick a favorite, my preferences prove myself wrong, almost without fail.  Legitimately being proven wrong is one thing, but voluntarily setting myself for the inevitable?  Seems unnecessary.

For example, I would be tempted to say that the porch is my favorite place to hang out in a house. But, then again, I really enjoy hanging out in my bedroom too, and comfy couches are always great.

Also, I love popcorn.  But I also love raspberry white chocolate scones from Kava House, sinless cake batter ice cream from Coldstone, quessedillas from MVP’s concession stand, sushi, and giant salads, so I wouldn’t say popcorn is my favorite food.

Concerning beverages, one might assume coffee would be an easy choice, but, again, I really have a thing from those crystal light energy mixes, bud light, lipton’s diet ice tea, fountain soda, and good old H2O.

The worst is when somebody asks what my favorite band, movie, or book is.  Seriously?  Are you kidding me?  A while back I decided that my stock answer for those annoyingly persistent types who insist I MUST have a favorite, is and always will be N*Sync, Legally Blond, and the Boxcar Children series.

Some might say that this aversion to favorites is simply a manifestation of indecisiveness.  Not true, at least, I don’t think so…

Still others will say, “Alissa, you’re crazy.  I hear you use the “f” word all the time.”  Dear, if/when I ever use the word “favorite” in conversation, please understand that this word usage is a result of how my vocabulary has been socialized, and, in all actuality, whatever I just labeled as “favorite” is probably only “favorite” in the manner of “I like it a lot”.  Honestly, I think I just like a lot of things, a lot.  Seems to make life on the more enjoyable side.

However, there are challenges to not having favorites.  Namely, it cancels out approximately 50% of small talk questions, and when I become famous, filling out those celebrity profile blips will be near impossible.  Oh well.  Life goes on.


Alissa will be attempting to overcome her aversion to favorites at some point this week, as she tours around Grand Rapids with the GRYP, viewing the ArtPrize gallery and voting for her favorite.  More on that soon.

4 thoughts on “It’s a favorite! And so is that! And that one too!

  1. I’m reading your blog again! and definitely go to the Old Federal Building (old GRAM). Amazing stuff there. The ‘Sometimes’ room is incredible.

    You are my favorite.

  2. After a moment’s reflection I looked up “favorite.” You will be pleased that the definitions I found do not insist that a favorite be exclusive, only that it be “favored.” That means I can list both Sahara and Lord of the Rings as my favorite movies, although my favorite wife really is exclusive. I don’t know if the comment box will limit my post, so the definitions I found are at the end.

    something regarded with special favor or liking; “that book is one of my favorites”
    darling: a special loved one
    appealing to the general public; “a favorite tourist attraction”
    front-runner: a competitor thought likely to win
    favored: preferred above all others and treated with partiality; “the favored child”

    • I wondered if somebody would start pulling out definitions,,, somehow I’m not surprised you did, Uncle Fred :o)
      yes, I realize I am not using the word in perhaps the most dictionary-correct manner, but, i like a bit of hyperbole. i can do that in the name of writer’s license, right?

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