Nice shirt, I mean, underwear, I mean, paint job?

Paint Ball ’09… Flashback to kindergarten class  finger painting, when bright primary colors had a better chance of ending up on children than any specified painting surface.  Okay, now take away the little kids,  add a touch of actual artistic talent, and significant amounts of bare skin and/or underwear as the specified painting surfaces.   Plus alcohol.  And a few colors that aren’t primary.  Now you’ve got Paint Ball.  It took place at the BOB, downtown GR, a couple weeks ago, and a few of us girls went to check it out.  Something new for a Thursday night…

I had VIP passes – thank you Gilmore Collection Gregslist – which meant I didn’t part with any of my hard-earned cash just to get in the door.  I was glad of this.  Honestly, I have better things to spend my money on than an underage underwear show…  But regardless, it was cool, bizarre, whatever, something different and interesting for the West Michigan scene, which I’m generally in favor of.  We just finished our night dancing at a different establishment, that’s all.  There were professional photogs wandering around all night, if you’re curious…

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