And the 2010 Artprize winner is……….

That is, Chris LaPorte, the artist behind the piece “Cavalry”

Read all about pre-artprize Chris, as told by yours truly:
Capturing Faces at Rivertown – Published in Grand Rapids Magazine


The whole length of the winner.




And here’s more detail.

I get the feeling you need to see it in person.  You can make this happen by visiting the Grand Rapids Art Museum.  I’m a member there; call me up and we’ll make a fun trip of it :o)

Congratulations Chris!  How does it feel to win $250,000 for sharing a little piece of your lifelong passion?  More importantly, how do you feel about the fact that the official artprize blog had you listed as the second place winner?  Party Foul!  Do people still say that?  [error has since been corrected]

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