My neighbors take too many showers

Another Com641 Post

My Thanksgiving has so far consisted of getting out of work early, working out, and absolutely relaxing, all by myself.  Absolutely relaxing consists of salad, hulu, coffee, nail touch-ups, and pretty pictures in Vogue.  Plus a few text conversations, phone calls, one online chat, and planning via text for the rest of this holiday (which will include people besides yours truly).  All to the tunes of Nora Jones Pandora station.  It has been glorious.  I was originally writing this paragraph with grand plans of making a point about the value of being by yourself to balance out being with people people people (whom I love dearly) so much during the holidays, but realized that even my alone time is filled with interactions.  Hmm.  Interesting.

In other news – are there any illegal activities that involve running the shower CONSTANTLY?  Just curious, seeing as my new next door apartment neighbors seem to take showers day in and day out.  I’m suspicious.  Seriously, I’m not trying to be weird here, that shower/sound of water rushing through apartment plumbing hidden by paper walls is becoming a consistent background tune.  Morning = shower.  Lunch = shower.  Evening = shower.  Even when I home in the afternoon = shower.  It’s kind of strange.  Theories?  Anyone?  Are there any drugs that require massive amounts of water to produce?  Or maybe they’re way over fire code and have tons of people packed in there and have to keep a strict shower schedule.

I haven’t really talked about Com641 yet.  Maybe next post.  I’m distracted by the shower that just got turned on next door.  Nancy Drew meets Google “illegal showers” commencing now…

[actually, now that I’ve mentioned Google, I have to mention the book I started to read called: Googled:  The End of the World as We Know It, by Ken Auletta.  I have so far read the first chapter; in other words, what Prof. Roy posted on the course reserves.  I highly recommend it, at least chapter one.  My take away – Google is f***ing with the “magic”, and it’s pretty great.  The “magic” is the way media advertising has traditionally happened/created revenue.  More on this later.  I am considering making f*** with the magic my motto, although I haven’t figured out a convenient way to pronounce three asterisks in a row yet…]

Aaaand speaking of Google again, they are in the testing stages of what seems to be QR/scan codes on steriods:  Picture Search Marketing (thank you @theKernOrg for alerting me to this Google development)  I’m curious to see where this goes.

Conclusion number four – I have slowly been building my Twitter account (see left hand column) and recently noticed that I was nearing 100 followers.  I envisioned some sort of celebration to mark that inevitable 100th follower, complete with statuses, RT’s, flowers, popcorn, and chocolate.   It seemed only right.  Well as it happened, several people followed me all at once, I got busy with things other than Twitter, and totally lost track of who followed me when.  So now I have 100 followers and didn’t even realize.  How anti-climatic.

Love Always, Alissa Jean

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