A Year in pReview

2010 was quite the year.  In my life alone, I’d say enough happened to make the statement “I’m a totally different person today” only a *slight* exaggeration (as opposed to a melodramatic hyperbole of the sort that I am prone to make from time to time).  And’s that’s all I have to say about that.  Looking back on the year past in a nice little blog post is SO cliche.  I am certain that you want the first post from Alissa Jean of 2011 to be something a little more, non-cliche.

With that in mind, I have constructed:

Top Ten Highlights of 2011*  **

1.  Oil Spill Follow Up Investigation – Mostly only good things happen when I visit Florida (specifically, when I visit my dear, dear friend Shelby).  I have no doubt that this trip will be any different.  Plus, I’m sure that BP will greatly appreciate my unbiased opinion state of the Gulf Coast beaches, assuming I get to that side of the state.

2.  Movie Deal – I am working on developing my creative media abilities.  Currently, this consists of formating product videos for awesome sales presentations, but I’m planning to produce some personal projects as well, which will undoubtedly be fabulous enough to count as two highlights, but I’ll be humble and just give it one.  (My boyfriend has already made fun of me for this, so, eh, what’s the worst that can happen, right?)

3.  Uno – Wildcard! Draw one Who-Woulda-Thought-Alissa-Would-Date-Someone-For-More-Than-Two-Months!  Okay.  So.  I don’t usually talk about my personal life on here.  I mean really, I love all my readers, but my dating life is just not something I’m gonna share.  Except for this:  As of February 25, my boyfriend and I will have been together for an ENTIRE YEAR!  True, we will actually be in different states on that particular day, and true, I suppose the world could scowl at me and the relationship end before then, but hey, I love the guy (even when he makes fun of my blogs), and I don’t mind if you know it.  So.  This is number three.

4.  Point Two Five Centenial Anniversary – Of my birth.  Addressing me as Alissa Jean, Quarter Centurion, will be optional.

5.  Cupid Economic Stimulus – When it comes to the effectiveness of a president and his initiatives, a great deal depends on the people who are tasked with the carrying out, of said initiatives.  President Obama has apparently tired of the political ring-around and is rumored to have teamed up with a straight shooter – Cupid.  Is it just be or is there a record number of people getting married and having babies???  The significance of this point may be in a large part related to the significance of point number three, but, regardless, we are talking serious economic activity prompted by this fat little archery angel.  These activities will undoubtedly results in fabulous new outfits, showers, gifts, travel, food, music, joy, love, and a well used credit card.  (don’t worry boyfriend, I think the economic stimulus will work without us jumping on the marriage/baby train too.  no hinting intended here.)

6.  Jack of All Trades and Half Master of One – As of the end of this Summer I will be half-way done with my Masters degree in Communication at Grand Valley State University.  As I contimplate the homework assignments already piling up for the present semester, I am sure this will be a joyous occasion.

7.  Shows!  Launches!  Campaigns!  Oh My! – Similar to point number five, the end of the Summer will also indicate my one year tenure as marketing coordinator at Lumbermen’s Inc. as well as the successful completion of the season’s product shows, launches, and campaigns, oh my!  I am excited for the creative, fun, challenging, and rewarding projects that the year will bring, and all the pictures and stories that will come hand in hand.

8.  A New Lease on Life – My current lease is up in August.  A new (ie – different) lease will be signed around the same time.  It’s gonna be someplace fabulous, I just know it.  Hopefully someplace that doesn’t’ feature underwear in the trees and police in the parking lot.

9.  Great New Lengths – I have been growing my hair out from a pixie cut a couple years ago for AGES.  Well, actually, for a couple years.  I’ll finally get my certifiably long hair back.

10.  Adventures!!!!  – Some may call this highlight too general and vague, but really, I plan on having far too many adventures to list out individually, so this is gonna have to do.  Part of the adventure in adventures is finding out what they are going to be… I will say, though, that that the wonderfulness, randomness, and excitingness of these adventures will be significant.  Almost equally significant, will be the outfits I wear as I experience these adventures and the pictures I take and the stories I write, all to share with you!


*I am in no way, legally, professionally, financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or otherwise, liable for the accuracy of these predictions.  In the circumstance that they are true a year from now, however, all credit must be attributed to me.

** This is as close to a list of new years resolutions as you will ever see from me.

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