Bouncing Floors and Puking Girls – GVSU

A week and some days ago, I had the privilege of attending Grand Valley State University’s “President’s Ball”.  If you are not familiar with this annual Grand Rapids event, allow me to explain it in two words: College Prom.

It’s held downtown, at the Devos place, starts with a full dinner (not attended by yours truly), and then transitions into a killer dance party, featuring fantastically loud music, pretty flashing lights, and a truly decent DJ.  Students who prefer not to drive are shuttled in from the main campus outside of downtown where everyone is corralled through several layers of chaperons, security, and admittance lines.  ID’s are checked, wrist bands given, doors closed, and no re-admittance allowed.  There’s a free photo booth, some light appetizers, plenty of free water, and several cash bars (wrist band required to purchase).  You can feel the gigantic ballroom floor move when the dance party really gets going, but, other than that, then venue is pretty fantastic.  Actually, maybe a bouncing floor makes it even cooler.  [By “dance party really gets going” I mean; lots of bouncing in unison.  It’s true, most white kids canNOT dance, especially at GVSU.]

(photo credit

All in all, it is a fantastic event, run very smoothly, and loads of fun.  Kudos GVSU and Devos Place staff.

But really, the best part was the freedom I felt, as Miss Important Grad Student, to pass merciless judgement on all the drunk underclassmen I was partying with, complete with sarcastic commentary.  We all act ridiculous at times.  When you act ridiculous in a public place, you are, by default, welcoming public commentary, including public commentary that makes fun of your ridiculousness offered freely by Alissa Jean.  Perhaps this makes me a mean person, but just go with me for a second.

*IN GENERAL* President’s Ball looks like this:  thousands of drunk, middle class, white, college sophomores (the average attendee age, based off my guessing).  I know guys usually get a bad rap for acting like drunken fools, but the female class really stepped up to the challenge at this particular event.  Staggering down the hallways, puking in bathrooms, and slumped on the floor by the ballroom wall by 11:30pm.  It was really cute and sophisticated.

*GVSU Beer Goggle Theory:  Based on my observations, a lot of the girls at this event were way outa league for lots of the guys.  But somehow, they were still together.  Lucky boys.  Possibly explanation for the female drunken-ness?  Perhaps.  Sorry guys.

Thank you, dear dunk underclassmen, for providing me with such entertaining people watching opportunity.  I hope you all got home safely and over hangovers quickly.  Next year I’m taking more pictures  ;o)

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