Fannys, Sweatshirts, & Prints, Oh My [Meggings]!

The return of the fanny pack – it’s happening. Welcome to 2013, readers! Halfway through January already, the new year is in full swing. Before things get too outa control, let’s take a step back and set some expectations for three important fashion trends we can expect to see in 2013. I feel the need to prepare you. You’re welcome in advance.

Fanny Pack – As already mentioned, this is a for-real trend. Didn’t believe it at first, but these ultra convenient purses are starting to pop up all over the place. I give partial credit to Rihanna for starting this last year. The big questions now, are 1) Which way will you wear it (left hip, right hip, front, or actually on your fanny) and 2) Will you go with pleather, vinyl, or corduroy? American Apparel is all over this trend…


Dollar signs optional… credit

See? Practical AND sexy... credit American Apparel

See? Practical AND sexy… credit American Apparel

Sweatshirts – Muffin top owners rejoice! Sweatshirts are officially cool to wear again. The key to rocking this is making it clear that you are wearing a sweatshirt on purpose, not because you are lazy or having a fat day. It’s a subtle but important distinction.The trend highlights bold sweatshirts, with big, loud graphics, or oversized monograms and color bocks. Fitted sweatshirts work, but the overwhelming look is towards the oversize cut. With the the oversize cut, an interesting note is that the volume still ends at the waist, avoiding the tunic-look.

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 10.38.45 AM

Note that this chick is fully accessorized 🙂 Image credit,

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 10.38.17 AM

The shades and skirt make this extra awesome; would also look great with dark skinny jeans.  Image credit,

“Super” Bold Prints – My person favorite trend, this is all about color, shapes, and bright personality. I’m fully looking forward to seeing less greys, blacks, and solids and more color, whimsy, and lively patterns! This trend is showing up on workout gear as well. The Reykjavik Rave Printed Tight by Nike Women is an awesome example. Completely loving this…

Reykjavik Rave Printed Tight. Image credit Nike Women.

Reykjavik Rave Printed Tight. Image credit Nike Women.

 Dolce & Gabbana Spring '13

Dolce & Gabbana Spring ’13

Proenza Schouler Spring '13. Image credit

Proenza Schouler Spring ’13. Image credit

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring '13. Image credit

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring ’13. Image credit

Honorable Mention, Meggings – Gotta throw this out there, since it is a new “trend” popping up on the runway and in stores. We shall see… Consider yourself warned.

Image Credit, Patrick Kingsley,

Image Credit, Patrick Kingsley,

So, what is all this? The early 90’s all over again? Call it whatever you like, to me it just looks like fun.

Happy 2013 everyone. Embrace all trends at your own risk. Even better… make your own.

Always, Alissa Jean

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