My iPhone is Blue


Can I send a request out to all the lovely app-logo creative extraordinaires? How about mixing the color choice up a bit?

When I look at my phone, I’m usually looking at it for one app in particular, I know what I’m looking for. I have this split second memory that instructs my finger to look for an app button that is on a certain screen, in a certain spot, and looks a certain way. It happens at an almost subconscious level, only half focused on the phone’s screen.

Ideally, I’d be able to unlock the screen, zoom into the exact app I was looking for, and my thumb would do it’s magic. Thanks to the app universe’s apparent love of blue, this seems to be getting progressively harder.  If the instructions from my brain are something like: “skype message, home screen, blue icon” and ALL the icons on my homescreen are blue, it might take an extra second to find the right app. Or, heaven forbid, I accidentally click the WRONG app and then need to spend a whole second closing it. Horror of horrors.

This screen shot provides a good example of the blue mass confusion. It’s like a blueberry farm out there! Out there being my phone, and perhaps your phone too? Perhaps the problem’s on my end, and I’m simply drawn to blue apps… I’m happy to share part of this burden. Regardless, the design side of my cringes that so many logos look so much the same. And since I’m not the one making these logos, it’s really easy to tell “them” to do it better.

Side Note – Am I the only one annoyed that the Photos and Weather buttons are so similar? Sunflower, big yellow sun, same darn thing. Again, we’re talking split second, half looking, clicking to the app you want. I just want to see the temp for this afternoon, not that selfie I took last night. Thanks.

Always, Alissa Jean

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