You’re an expert

Some old notes I found. I’m sure this was inspired by a timely event, or five, but I think it still warrants  a post. 😉

see, i'm an expert on hoods.

see, i’m an expert on hoods. or should this caption reference mind reading. jury’s out.

We’re all so good at mind reading, at least we seem to think we are. I see this in sales and marketing meetings all the time, professionals pontificating about what their customers or prospects really want. This is absolutely fantastic, assuming that what we think they want is actually what they do want. While this level of insight into your target audience‘ mind is certainly achievable with the right research and circumstances, it seems that there are a lot of sales and marketing decisions that are based on a whim – what we think we know.

In the rush to get things out the door, not miss “great opportunities”, and reach audiences as soon as possible, ideas can be half baked, off target, and not as effective as they could be. Everyone wants to be an expert. Today’s corporate attitude almost forces the “fake it til you make it” approach. The combo of these two things is a whole lot of people acting like experts without actually having the expertise. I’m not saying that’s entirely a bad thing, faking it can totally work. Sometimes.

All experts should come with a side of a grain of salt.


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