to TOMMY from, EH.

Eh, as in the sound. Usually accompanied by a slight shrug.

zooey deschanel

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I was very excited when I first learned that Zooey Deschanel was to collaborate with Tommy Hilfiger on a collection of dresses. She’s adorable, seems to have a distinct sort of adorable-but-not-cutesy/retro-without-cheesy fashion sense. It’s a good balance and seems to reflect her excited and bubbly personality. [This personality-knowledge is based on my super not-close relationship with her. Full disclosure.] Perhaps since that was my starting reference, or perhaps because I was expecting something else, I found the collection to be rather underwhelming. Boo. 😦

It’s nice, certainly wearable. I think a few of the dresses would definitely be compliment targets, however, it’s not a rack of dress you see and instantly fall in love with. At least I didn’t. To each his own! That is the beauty of fashion, after all. What are your thoughts?

Oh wait, I did love one thing, the NAME. “to TOMMY from ZOOEY” Okay come on, see THAT is wonderful! I would have liked to see that personality better reflected in the dresses.

You can see the full collection HERE

PS – Maybe not the FULL collection… Either that or I forgot how to use the internet. The dress that Zooey is pictured wearing doesn’t seem to be in the buyable collection? So maybe there’s more? Hmmm


Alissa Jean

4 thoughts on “to TOMMY from, EH.

  1. It’s like Tommy Hilfiger said “ok so zooey, you can use red, navy and white with a nautical theme. So let your creativity shine!”

  2. Pretty sure Zooey can do better than this. I’m not a big fan of Tommy Hilfiger; I feel like his conservative preppy style is holding her potential back. I give this collection a solid “bleh.”

    • Could be. This is her first experiment with designing, right? Could also just be her testing the waters a bit with something that is a safe department-store buy. Although I’m guessing that wasn’t her decision, really.

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