San Fran, Round Two – Headed to Intersolar

Intersolar San Fransisco

Intersolar Last Year! Time for a New Picture!

Last year I attended Intersolar for the first time – wow. North America’s largest solar industry gathering, expo, conference, and general meetings of the minds was pretty impressive first time around, and being right in the middle of San Francisco certainly didn’t hurt – love that city. All of these fond memories make it that much more exciting to write this: I’m headed back to Intersolar next month, and I’m speaking at the conference!

Beyond all else, I am absolutely honored to be sharing the stage with some amazing leaders in renewable energy and am looking forward to a fascinating week of conversations, learning, and, hopefully, some good “san fran fun”. Bike rentals, anyone??? Obviously, stay tuned for updates, highlights from my favorite/most interesting conference sessions, and maybe some fun bike ride pictures if I get in early enough…


Alissa Jean

Here’s the official press release that Solar Power World published about my involvement (published at

Intersolar is right around the corner, and thousands of photovoltaic professionals are preparing for a full week of conference sessions, industry meetings, and product exhibitions. Florida-based advanced solar training college US Solar Institute (USSI) will be attending the expo and will also be presenting at the conference.

The session that US Solar Institute will be presenting in is titled “Global PV markets: Performance at its Best – North America” and will feature presentations from several industry professionals on the topic, followed by a panel discussion. The panel will include Katie Bolcar, Director for State Affairs at Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Stephane Dufrenne, President of Upsolar America Inc, Bernadette Del Chairo, Executive Director of California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA), Tony Clifford, Chief Executive Officers of Standard Solar, Galen Barbose, Research Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Alissa Jean Schafer, Marketing and Media Director of US Solar Institute.

US Solar Institute is honored to share the stage with such an esteemed group of professionals and is looking forward to insightful sessions and lively discussion. Given the rapid growth of the solar industry in North America, paired with the political issues and topics on the horizon and those being grappled with today, the session topic is very relevant to current market concerns and is expected to be widely attended. 2014 numbers report that US was once again the third largest solar market worldwide, and consumer demand is incredibly high. It is understood that the future of solar in North America depends on the solar industry’s ability to manage that demand and respond with thoughtful and high quality policy, training, and technology in order to facilitate continued development of solar in North America.

“The solar industry is at a unique point in North America; the unprecedented demand for solar has created a need for both comprehensive energy policy and a highly trained workforce.” explained Alissa Jean Schafer of US Solar Institute. “Intersolar provides an opportunity for professionals to come together to learn and strategize about how to meet these needs most effectively to ensure continued development of solar. US Solar is honored to be a part of those important conversations.”

US Solar will also be meeting with prominent solar companies throughout the week to discuss advancements in solar equipment technology as well as ways to improve solar training courses around the globe. Those interested in setting up an appointment can reach out to Ray Johnson, owner and president of US Solar, at

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