sun dried redheads

i hope my bro never needs to use his bike again, because i think i’m riding it into the ground. it’s just a good old Huffy, not really meant for a lot of mileage, and i think i’m putting some decent wear and tear on it. it didn’t use to make so much noise… time to oil it up i guess. but anyway… so i accidently went on a 2 + hr. bike ride today. yeah i kinda got turned around on some unfamiliar streets and ended up doin this huge detour to get back home. it was really hot out too and being the smart girl i am i had zero water with me. usually i have a couple bucks on me to get a drink at a gas station or something but, well, i spent that a few rides ago and replaced the $$. so thank god for random nice people!!! i saw this lady watering her garden and rode up to her and she kindly let me drink some water :o) i must of been lookin pretty rough by that time because she seemed really concerned and offered to get me some h2o to take with me. moral of the story: buy a water holder for the bike.
new use for peanut butter: mix it into oatmeal!!! yum

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