i just take it in case of emergencies

if you ever need it rain, call me and tell me to go on a bike ride with my cell phone. seriously. so i leave for a bike ride and it’s sunny, like i’m gonna get tan sunny. but no. it starts to rain. luckily my phone didn’t get ruined *again* but i sure got soaked. riding in the rain is actually fun if you’re not worried about drowning your phone.
so yeah, work was pretty slow tonight but i was there for a while anyways and i open tomorrow morning and i should really go to bed because i should really be tired now but i’m really not. so i’m writing this and listening to the used, which is, btw, a great cd if you’re in the mood for that type of stuff. my “music mood” changes like every day. just had some ice cream, totally should not have done that. gotta eat healthy. gosh. i think eating healthy is hardest when i get home from work cuz i dont eat a real dinner and just grab what i can. hmm. dude, i’m leaving for ireland in a little more than a month. i can’t wait. man. i just feel so stir crazy right now. like majorly unsettled. only one solution: time to work out. that’s rediculous. oh well, can always take a nap tomorrow. shoot dog, bring it on.

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