we go to ride

yeah!!! i love roller coasters!!! so yesterday theresa and i went to cedar point with brian, mike, brendan, david, and rob. we got there pretty early and stayed until 10 so by the time i crawled into bed around 3 am i was sufficiently tired and sunburned (the last time i was sunburned… ah, the memories. i miss florida. anyway…) you know how when you’ve been riding rides all day and you finally lay down and close your eyes but you still feel like you’re on them? yeah. wierd how your body does that. anyway, the day was a blast cept for when we waited in line for at least an hour for top thrill dragster and then it malfunctioned in front of our very eyes (didn’t make it over the top ) we then had to wait for them to reset it which takes a while for a ride like that and had finally made it to the last part of the line when a thunder storm blew in. shut down. so we waited it out but then they had mechanical problems *again* so we finally just left and dave and i rode magnum front row instead (which was SWEET – the magnum doesn’t get enough credit guys; that is one awesome ride. dave couldn’t even keep his arms up the whole time ). the dragster was goin by the time we left but it wouldn’t have been worth it to stay in line even longer. i hate waiting. besides, flash back to senior year, i’ve already experienced the dragster front row. 0 to 120 baby. millenium force is still on the top of my favorites list. you can’t beat that first drop. i’ve decided you shouldn’t ever hold on though, it makes it so much better. brian and brendan got me to go on the power tower on the shooting down side and holy cow i was flippin out on the way up. and on the way down… i don’t think i’ve ever screamed so loud in my life. then we decided to do it again, this time – no hands. that is definitely the scariest ride there. sweet. ok what the heck, my pop-up blocker is only working like every other pop-up. !!!! whatever. so today i had to wake up and work which actually wasn’t half bad and then went to the mac and then made dinner and now i’m gonna chill with my bro daniel and watch the pacifier. maybe go to bed early too… peace

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