lightness sweetness

ok, i’m almost completely packed. you guys would be proud, EVERYTHING is in a duffel bag and backpack. i’ve never packed so light in my life! i just sent out my laptop to get a new screen (completely covered by warranty!!!) and my phone will soon be de-activated :tear: ah! i can feel the disconnection already! (international cell rates are at least 1.50 a minute!!! how insane is that?!?!) anyway, just wrapping up a few final details and then tomorrow i’m going to mass and lunch with my family and then it’s off to infinity and beyond!
now what you’ve all been waiting for – how to keep in touch with me while i’m in austria!!! i’m gonna try and keep this thing updated and put my pictures online so you can all leave me comments AND you can email me AND you can write me letters!
email =
snail mail = Alissa Schafer
Ave Maria University
Kartause 1
A-3292 Gaming
Austria, EUROPE
alright, i’m out! I’LL MISS YOU GUYS!

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