across the pond!

COMING TO YOU LIVE FROM DUBLIN (it’s actually 8:30 pm here),,, hey guys! i’m here! everything is very cool, i’m havin a blast with patti. the flight transfer in london was OK even though i almost missed my flight. heathrow was a mess… but i met this really cool guy who helped me out and talked to security and got me through extra fast and was totally awesome. i don’t even know his name but he was super helpful and i had fun talking with him waiting for the bus. i’ve done sooo much in dublin already, i can’t believe i’ve only been here since yesterday afternoon. yesterday i went to the national gallery with patti, got some food and chilled at the hostel where this cool artist guy did card tricks for us. then i crashed – hard – because i pretty much pulled an all-nighter with the travel thing. that’s what they call jet lag i guess. today we walked alllll over dublin. seriously. alllll over. like about 11 hours of exploring. dang. anyway, dublin is a very cool city! some of the cooler things we saw: bible manuscripts from 200 AD written on papyrus, cool city parks, and some mummies in the krypt of an old church. we actually went down this hatch outside the church and saw these people in coffins, hundreds of years old. patti and i touched this one guy’s hand. it’s good luck and means you’re gonna get married in general, downtown dublin was really sweet. lots of market type places with so many different types of people and lots of musicians playing various instruments every other block or so. there was this one guy who did this awesome puppet show. i’m at an internet cafe right now and patti and i are gonna head out and find some music and get something good to drink and have some more fun tomorrow morning we’re getting up and catching a bus to limerick so see some of the more scenic sides of ireland. love you!

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