it’ll grow

well even though it’s still kinda friday night, it’s techinically saturday so that means there is 2 days until i leave for ireland/austria. sorry if you guys are getting sick of the count down, i’m just kind of focused on it i guess :o) anyway, yeah i still need to pack and have a handful of random things to wrap up before i leave. that’s what this weekend’s for! that and some good family time. i’ve been working a lot this week so it’ll be nice to actually have dinner with my family (!) before i leave for 5 months.
tonight was my last night at gilbert and blakes, thursday was my last day at the mac, every time i see someone i say goodbye, yeah, i’d say the summer is coming to a close. i’m so ready! i mean summer is awesome but now it’s over and on to the next thing ya know? i’m not a huge fan of the whole transitional period. jumping in and getting on with things is more my style i think. anyway, this summer was good though. got to hang out with some very cool people and had some fun times :o) i love you guys!
after work, i went and chilled at andy’s house and went through a whole round of goodbyes – sophie, katie, mike, other mike, dj, matt, andy – see you christmas! (cept andy, who has seen the light and will also be going to school in florida – we are soo hanging out spring semester dude!) anyway, then i came home and there was a party goin on in my backyard (bonfire and everything) so i got to say more goodbyes!
interesting experience: went on the shortest “date” of my life – consisted of a walk to my car, a conversation, and a good hug. i’d say it went pretty well…
tragedy has struck – we’re out of ice cream.
why does everyone tell me to stay out of trouble in europe? i mean i know i’m a redhead but come on how much harm can i do?
most interesting response to me going to austria: from corey – “isn’t that gonna mess up your plans for getting married?” – uh, like i’m ready to do that this semester… i need at *least* six months to make a decision like that, five would be cutting it kinda close.
most candid response to the new haircut – tie between “oh well, it’ll grow” “interesting” and “wierd”. a lot of people still say they like it though and honestly i don’t really care about it so it’s *all good*. it’s really nice to not care about some stuff, ya know?
anyways – this is a long post and i’m hungry for some life cereal. so leave me a sweet one!

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