clam chowder queen

so in about 1 hour i will have 7 days before i leave the country til christmas! crazy. this afternoon i got organized and wrote down everything i need to get done before i leave and worked on my ireland itinerary. yeah i’m thinking, the ireland and london traveling before classes start is gonna be a BLAST. the more i look at travel info the more excited i get! there’s beautiful scenery, live music, dancing, and bike trails everywhere, what else could i need? i can hardly believe that i’m actually going. it doesn’t really seem real – at all. i already feel like i’m going through a transitional time in my life. Throw in going to a different country and experiencing life in a completely different way, wow.
ok i’m going through my music on my laptop and i totally have a ton of random, unknown music. i know people burned cd’s on it a lot at amu, it’s just kinda funny that i ended up with like 11 hours of unorganized songs. ever heard of “bone thugs n harmony”???
I AM THE CLAM CHOWDER QUEEN. well, that’s all i sold at work today anyways…

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