the passport is ready

HOLA! and so the countdown begins, 12 freakin days until i’m outa the country!!! OMG wow. breath. ok. yeah so i’m totally excited and nervous. it’s gonna be amazing so in the next 12 days, i’ll be working for 10 of them, my last shot at making any mula, gotta pack and figure out what to mail, plus spending as much time with my friends and family as possible. saw sophie and theresa last night so that was cool. actually i saw sophie late monday… i babysat for these 4 crazy girls who refused to go to bed and afterwards decided to stop at the adoration chapel at IHM and surprise!! sophie was there!! hadn’t seen her all summer. anyway, had a good time sunday with erin, josh, matt, jeremy, and dj. prob the last time i’ll see matt before christmas. i don’t think jeremy liked my hair cut much. oh well, he’ll find some other girl’s hair to obsess over with no problem erin and i chilled for a while after the guys left and that was awesome. it’s good to just talk about stuff and erin is definitely one of those few people that you can be real with. yesterday i saw senator valde garcia at the fair (he’s the one i interned for) and said hi to him and gave the 20 second alissa’s life update. he’s awesome. if i still go into politics i think i would want to be a senator, but never be on office staff, hehe had enough of that in my internship. well this post is fairly scattered. sorry, guess that’s what happens when i try to think first thing in the morning. hey, hopefully i’ll get to party with some of you tonight after spyn! i’m working lunch and G+B’s today and then helpin with a big archery group thats practicing at my house for the state shoot. my bro daniel is totally into the archery and i love it! give’s the 13 year old something constructive to do :o) he hasn’t quite touched my high score yet though… alright, time to work out before work. holla back!

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