put on a mask and dance the night away

pictures from masquerade dance
SO last night was a freakin AWESOME time! ave put on a masquerade dance for everyone over here in austria and it was abosolutely a complete success. the decorations worked, music came through, sound was good and loud, great turnout, sweet costumes, and a packed dance floor the whole night! soooooo much fun! i was the little mermaid :o) not that i really looked like that at all but i got all dressed up like *something* anyways. plus, i got to use the mask that i bought in SPAIN and then decorated myself! but yeah, i am super happy with how it turned out, everyone totally let loose and had a great time. i highly recommend masquerade dances for future reference.after the dance a few of us went and hung with some FUS’ers and danced til 2 am at their after-party. salsa baby!

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