gaming laundry

So you know that feeling of totally being completely unmotivated to go outside into the freezing cold darkness just to put a load of laundry into crazy euro washers/dryers that keep shrinking your clothing? (i swear, all my pants will be highwaters by the time i get home) Well, I managed to overcome my unmotivation and did some laundry tonight. Just so you guys all know. No need to worry. The laundry is ALL SET.yeeeeeaaahhh, wow i think i have been doing too much studying tonight.
right. then why do i have more to do? now that is the question. or maybe it’s the fumes from cleaning the bathroom. yep, killer room checks were tonight. we’re talking shining lights on the bathroom tiles to check for water spots. wow.
so yeah, i have like 3 1/2 weeks of classes left before finals and then returning to the states! how insane is that… i’m totally excited to get home but i know i’m gonna miss it here and i’m gonna miss being able to travel so much. but hey, it’s still several weeks away and i’ve still got several countries lined up to visit.
i have absolutely the biggest knots in that muscle that connects your neck to you shoulder… not a bio major here. anyway, yes that was random, just thought you might like to know. i think i totally need to get to a back fixer once i get to the states. sleeping (or not) on sidewalks, trains, planes, and God knows where else does a number on your back.
weather report: it is sooooooo freezing!!!!!!!!!!!! frost on the mountains today, smells like snow, my nose completely freezes when i go running, you get the picture. florida is gonna be nice.
on another note, i’m signing up for spring classes and i think i’m taking 20 credits???? and working??? alissa, what are you thinking…. whatever, i can always drop classes and i’m actually looking forward to having a job and i’ll be in florida so yeah, things will pretty much rock.
one last thing, happy birthday to my little bro zachary! he’s 11 today and man i miss him! i actually got to talk to him and ben and mom and dad on the phone a little tonight which was awesome. back in the states i totally took it for granted that i could call your family or friends whenever i wanted! (sorry sampedro, free nights and weekends don’t apply to international calls)

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