almost on an island

well folks, it is officially freezing in gaming, austria. below freezing, actually. woke up friday morning to leave for salzburg to find the entire kartuase covered in snow and more coming down. and it pretty much hasn’t stopped. wow. at first i wasn’t so keen on the snow coming since it’s been cold enough in my opinion but i have changed my mind completely because, wow, can i just say BEAUTIFUL?! all the train-rides this weekend were somehow so much cooler because it was like we were flying through this winter wonderland.
spent friday afternoon in salzburg – pretty cool place! the alps are amazing of course, although our view wasn’t the typical postcard because of all the snow that was coming down. they almost looked more like clouds… anyway, we went to the typical salzburg sound of music spots – the church, the abby, the round fountain in front of the palace; now i want to watch the movie again just to see the places that i’ve been! that evening we went spent at the house of a girl who studies in gaming with us. slightly awkward because she wasn’t actually there so we were basically staying with a strange family but they were super nice so i guess it was ok. we went to bed by, are you ready for this? 8 pm!!! i guess getting up early, traveling, and then walking around in the snow all afternoon will tucker you out :o)
saturday we went to chiemsee, where my mom went to boarding school in ’64. she actually attended a school in this convent on an island in this huge lake. we weren’t able to get to the island itself because of train/ferry schedules (a big disapointment for me) but the area was sooooo beautiful. especially with all the snow, it really had a surreal feel to it. i wish we had more time there… that night we got back to gaming and hitch-hiked our way from the train station to steinmulher for dinner. yup, it’s pretty much impossible to walk from the station back to town without getting picked up! i’ve tried! so yes, i think it’s time for me to do homework :o) love and miss you guys!

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