joy in austria with alissa

SO I”M PRETTY MUCH ONE OF THE HAPPIEST GIRLS IN GAMING RIGHT NOW!!! today totally kicks it! here’s why:
reason number one: woke up at 7 and went freakin SLEDDING with maureen and the central americans who have never been before. LOL!!! there’s nothing quite like screaming at the top of your lungs first thing in the morning while the sun peaks over the snow covered mountains :o)
i did almost die though, and my back is definitely gonna be feeling it… we’re talking face first in the snow (took a running start on a tube – didn’t work so when) hit the powder, sled stops, face stops, legs keep going but i can’t quite flip cuz my head’s kinda jammed in the snow. yeah, literally saw stars after that one.
reason number two: it is SUCH a beautiful day!!!
reason number three: decided not to go to child development class for a very good reason (if you want me to explain you can ask later)
reason number four: i totally just bought the CUTEST, WARMEST austrian boots ever and some WOOL SOCKS! yup, i gave in, so now i’ll have warm feet!
reason number five: mass is in a few minutes and then LUNCH TIME!!!
so basically, life is beautiful!

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