the amazing weekend trips aren’t over yet!

well, the semester is officially drawing to an end. in less than two weeks i will be back in the good old united states of america. wow. what an insanely awesome semester it has been.
so this past weekend – a quick recap before finals work begins thursday night – took a series of trains to cologne germany. it was pretty crowded and yeah i slept maybe a couple hours total. at one point we had this random guy in our car that offered us pear schnapps or whatever it was.
friday – arrived at cologne completely tired but made it to mass in the main cathedral right outside of the station. pretty impressive place i’d say. then got back on the train and headed further to brussels, belgium where we met up with 2 other ave girls who had gone to munich earlier.
while in belgium we were incredibly lucky to stay with this family that maureen’s mom knew. they took SUCH good care of us! showed us around the city, got us all drinks, made us a belgium dinner, gave us chocolate, the works! great time! again, the hospitality inspires me!
saturday – maureen, chris, and i all spent the day in paris. we only had a short time so we hit the main stuff, louvre (saw the mona lisa and my personal favorite, winged victory stature) notre dame, Eiffel tower, as well as the church of st. catherina of liboure (miraculous medal…) that night we met up with everyone else and the two older sons of the family we were staying with and just hung out in brussels. i had SUCH a good time! i was incredibly tired but had some coffee and then this warm seasoned wine stuff which was sooo good and yeah i pretty much had a great time being completely slap-happy as we walked around all the st. nicholas celebrations downtown.
sunday – went to church with the fam, had a nice lunch together and then they took us to waterloo, the giant atom of brussels, the cathedral (one of my favorites) and then dropped us off at the train station. (it was so nice to have somebody taking care of us like that!)then we pretty much traveled all night. i was able to sleep a few hours before getting back to gaming at 630 in the morning. bryan was super cool and came to pick us up from the station and then i went to sleep for a couple hours before getting up for class. woooooohooooo! now to the homework that didn’t get touched this weekend!

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