opera, thought, and finals

so yeah, it’s like 2 am over here but i don’t feel that great and it’s freezing in my room so i’m gonna give an austrian update. not sure how those two reasons lead to that conclusion but who cares.
ever been to an opera? i have! just went to see the marriage of figaroe in the vienna opera house with ave (plus john from fus and adam from iti). it was absolutely incredible!!!! none of the ladies were wearing the horn hats in case you’re wondering… the place was completely sold out but we got standing room tickets for 3.50 directly behind the folk that paid over 100. pretty sweet if you ask me. only sad thing was that i had majorly wanted to see the nutcracker but it just didn’t work out ;o( big bummer. oh well, opera was still amazing. the whole opera house gave them a standing O at the end.
so it’s finals week. right. that thing called studying… i actually had an early final on friday. it was oral. it was easy. so now on to the real ones. i actually brought aristotle’s ethics and read while waiting in line for the opera. true, i only read a few pages but it’s the thought that counts right? between our austrian dinner/talent show/dance that we had last night and our trip to vienna today i figure you gotta do something that at least reminds you of something called studying.
oooo yeah, maybe i should sleep
one more thing. i realize that i have put up about a million and one pictures of me these past few months and that could be seen as egotistical. i’ll stick with the reason that i just happen to be in amazing places with amazing people having amazing times and wish that i could share it all with you! point of the story: check out my facebook photos!

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