don’t worry europe, i’ll be back!

well, the day finally arrived. i actually did leave austria and am now sitting in my very own bedroom back in holt, michigan. ahhhhhhhh. my feelings right now? man, it is good to be home. while it is true that saying goodbye was pretty tough, and i will miss europe so very much, it is also true that it’s just plain good to be back. i haven’t had a chance to see any friends besides erin yet, but it’s been absolutely wonderful just being with my family. i might as well just say it: i love my family!
so yeah, today i got all unpacked, now have a mountain of laundry to do, and am fighting off jet lag. i woke up at 4 am even though i didn’t sleep at all on saturday. bummer. i did fall back asleep for a little bit, but now, i, am, falling, asleep. good. night.

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