spring break adventure, right here in florida!

American Civ…. what?
yes, i did vanish for some time there. i’m back though :o)
right now i’m sitting in my first class after spring break, american civ, and i have to confess that i am not paying attention at all. some girl is giving a presentation on some party system debate. blah. i’m actually really proud that i showed up at all to take the quiz we had this morning. how awful is that? a quiz over like 80 pages after our spring break.
speaking of spring break, it was absolutely ridiculous – friday through tuesday – three school days off. nice. *sigh* oh well, i still had a great time, just wish it was longer, you know?
friday i chilled and then went to work and then saw 16 blocks with a few people. *good movie* saturday i woke up way to early, biked to work, worked, then worked out and biked to the beach for a couple hours, and then came back, ate, and took a nap. when i woke up, there was a semi-party goin on in my room so i danced around with claire, clare, and ann marie and then went and partied at the state park beach til like 3 am.
sunday – went to mass and then the beach again and then worked out with rachel, made popcorn the old fashioned way, almost melted my roommates canola oil bottle, and then watched kicking and screaming.
monday – woke up and rode to the beach. adam met me there and we chilled for a little while. that afternoon i attempted to work on my history report but was fairly unsuccesful. then andy gillies came! yeah! we went and caught a sunset at vanderbilt beach and then got some amazing seafood at steamers. (go there) that night, we went down fifth and to the pier with mike, patty, adam, james, ryan, alison, brendon, katie, mandy, catherina, and peter. some people were fishing for sharks but they didn’t catch any while we were there. andy stayed the night with tom, ben, and dan after multiple warnings to “watch out”. but yeah, those guys are all talk and they didn’t do a thing :o)
tuesday morning i ralled the troops and we (me, andy, rachel, brendon, and catherine) hit the road for marco island by 10:30 am. i don’t think andy was quite awake yet. all five of us fit into andy’s probe so that was pretty exciting. marco island was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. the water was great, the beach was great, the day was great! we all got some major sunburn though, especially andy. in fact, i don’t think i’ve ever seen somebody burned like andy. you should ask him about it sometime. hehe, poor guy. on the way home we hit up tropical smoothie – yum. that night andy and i went to the mall where he tried to get me to spend money but i strongly resisted. then we watched Walk the Line on my laptop on the beach until my battery died and then we came back to campus and finished it where i could plug my laptop in. good movie. then andy left, i saw a couple roommates who were just getting back and i collapsed into bed.
and now – spring break is over, i’m still sitting in american civ, i have a huge paper and presentation to write, and i want to go ride my bike. maybe i’ll get some coffee first.

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