the day the batteries died

So usually when i ride my bike i listen to my cd player. i like the whole having a soundtrack while you fly down the road thing. it makes the trip go by quicker and keeps it interesting as well. but anyway, a couple days ago, the batteries in my player died. now they do this pretty often because i use them so much but this time i decided not to replace them because i had just ordered a flippin sweet mp3 player that i was expecting any day. why buy batteries for something i probably won’t be using a lot, ya know? but in the meantime, i had several SILENT bike rides.
have you ever just let your mind go, see what floats into your stream of consciousness, and then back track your thoughts to see how exactly that idea got there? it’s really pretty crazy the random things that i’ll think about. i swear, i’m like all over the board in my head.
i can’t deny that i am looking forward to having music while i workout again, but not having it for a few days was pretty enlightening. sometimes it is really good just to think, with no distractions. it’s actually kind of scary. it’s like figuring out what kind of person you really are, getting to know yourself. i find myself thinking about so much; plans, ideas, dreams, ambitions, relationships, money, practical issues, outfits, new exercise programs, things i want to try, people i should talk to, problems i want to solve, things i need to work on, god… yeah, there’s a lot going on in there. it’s so good to actually take the time to allow myself to be confronted with all of that though…

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