summer travels so far…

life oh beautiful life
so it is most definitely starting to warm up around mi.
summer has been absolutely amazing so far. weekend before last i went to PA with claire, lindsey, mike v, dj, erik, jeremiah, dalton, and matt (old classmates) and we helped the church that we helped on our senior trip. they’re starting a classic christian school and are completely re-doing this old building. we did a bunch of cleaning, painting, pushing dirt around, and moving heavy objects (well it was mostly the guys that moved heavy objects). we got to spend a lot of time with pastor dave and his family too, just chillin out and having good conversation. they live on an absolutely beautiful piece of land out in the hills of PA. pastor dave is a real cool guy; he has all these visions of what he wants to do with the land, a visionary, plus he’s just very determined, dedicated, driven, and smart. after sunday lunch he took some of us on a hike over one of the hills, showing us around, telling stories, teaching us how to whistle with grass (i failed completely), and giving us soybeans to eat. yum.
anyway, it was really good to be back with my classmates. it was definitely what i would call WIERD being in the exact same place i was two years ago with some of the exact same people but not in the same situation. i mean we’re all the same people in one sense but in another, we’ve all changed. we’ve all got different ideas, plans, and views to some degree, most of us have experienced lots of different things in life, some good some bad some hard and some just exciting, we all have different friends and separate lives, but at the same time, we’re the same people and we’re still friends. it is so good to be able to share life with friends like that for a little while. life is so interesting like that, you move in and out and on, people and friendships come and go and change and the adventure continues.
speaking of adventure, i leave for WI in less than a week!
this past weekend (after hibernating for a couple days because of some flu thing) i went to the traditional memorial day camping trip. it was a good time!did some serious relaxing, chatting with friends, stargazing, campfiring, etc. not enough sleep, esp sunday night but it’s all good :o) anyway, i think i’m gonna mail some of my bro’s open house invites for this saturday so i’ll catch yall later!
much love!

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