off to become a girl scout

well then, bags are almost packed, last minute laundry dry, paperwork completed, boarding passes printed, mp3 player updated and fully charged, bedroom clean, i even made myself a lunch for tomorrow! time to hit the road…
it has been a good break here in lansing. i have really enjoyed being to hang out with my family and friends and just *be home*. ahhh. and now it’s time for my next great adventure!
on one hand i am so ready to get going. breaks are nice, but if you know me you know that i like to be active and productive. never want to feel bored and useless, ya know? so yeah, it is really great to get to work now. on the other hand i hate to leave. my grandma is still in the hospital so my family is still dealing with that. that’s been a challenge for me too. i’m not sure why, but it is really hard for me to be in the hospital and it’s so hard trying to communicate with my grandma when she’s slipping away… it’s hard to leave friends too. with all this jumping around i do sometimes it feels like i just start to really develop relationships and then i’m off to someplace else. i understand that’s part of life, friendship come and go and change but it would be great to be always close with all of my best friends all of the time, you know? basically, what i’m getting at, is that now i’m gonna miss my lansing friends just like i miss my florida friends just like i miss my austria friends and so on. i had this really wierd/sad dream last night after everybody left the party. i was hugging my friends goodbye (in the dream) and all of the sudden they vanished so i was like hugging the empty air. one of the first dreams that i actually remember for a long time and it’s a sad one. bummer.
anyway, i need to sleep a few hours at least before the drive to detroit airport @ 5 am tomorrow. man that’s gonna come way too soon. yay for sleeping in airplanes!!! i love you guys a lot! send me a letter while i’m at camp! the mailing address is on my facebook or you can ask my parents for it :o)much love! God bless!

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