hey, my bed’s on the floor

here i am, back in good old michigan :o) after a good sleep-in, i spent pretty much the whole day unpacking and trying to reorganize my life. easier said than done. especially when your mattress is on your floor because your aunts who used your room while you were away didn’t like to climb up the bunk so your already limited floor space is now close to zero. hmmm. but it went surprisingly well, all considered. nothing was really broken either.
i got a little scared when i saw the boxes that i mailed. seriously, they hardly resembled boxes anymore, even with the “fragile” sticker all over them. kudos to the us postal service…
colorado was absolutely wonderful!!! i had a GREAT time with aunt sand and uncle jon and cousin maria and cousin monique and aunt jeanette and cousin marie and cousin paul. (ah, the joys of having lots of relatives) seriously folks, denver is an *awesome* place to be. the NET stuff went well too, i think. [sidenote to update: i’m applying to do NET – national evangelization team – i was in dener for the interview weekend that i was invited to.] more about that in the next few weeks i guess…
on another note: aviod the newark airport at all costs! not only did i have big delays flying both ways through, on the way home i totally got lost! first time EVER getting lost in an airport! you’d think i’d have more trouble in an airport where everything is in foreign languages, but no, newark did it to me. i’ll spare you the gruesome details. all you need to know is that i did end up making it to my flight on time, even though i had to go through security all over again…

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