wow. so i have been in camp training up here in WI for more than a week and a half! this is really the first chance i’ve had to sit at our one computer. even so, i have to leave in like 10 minutes. anyway…
There are about 30 staff at the camp – one guy, the waterfront director – and so far we’ve been making a great team. for the first few days we were all housed together in the one cabin unit (it actually has electricity!). that was really good for an easier transition into “rustic-ness” and since we were all living in the same general area we got to know eachother better. (for clarification, our one guy lives in his own tent.
day beore yesterday we found out what groups we were going to be in charge of for the first camp session (there are several throughout the summer) and then we moved to our new units, splitting up all over camp. my first session is going to be a horse program called Happy Trails! i’m the only counselor doing it which makes me a little nervous because i’m brand spanking new, but i am really excited. there are only going to be 4 girls in the program and they are on the older side so hopefully we’ll be able to have a lot of fun. (4 is pretty small for a session, there’s a lot of other groups going on as well with more people) anyway, for this session i’m in a platform tent. yeah. now that i’ve been in it a couple nights i think it’s pretty sweet but wow, it is really DARK. there isn’t a single light in the whole unit or anywhere near, not in the tents, the shelter, or the latrines (yeah that’s right, no normal toilets for us!)
the first night i ended up walking back to my tent by myself and i about freaked walking through the trails and finding my tent in the dark. this is definitely the middle of the northwoods. throughout training we’ve gotten lots of talks about dealing with animals/preventing them from coming to your area. so yeah, there are definitely lots of black bears in northern WI. exciting, eh? we’ve talked about lots of other stuff in training too, lots of it interesting, some of it controversial, and some that i really don’t agree with, but i guess i kind of expected that and i have to leave now anyway so i’ll talk about it more later. :o) in general though, CAMP IS GREAT!!! send a letter if you get the chance! i might get a little lonely up here :o)
much love~

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