happy trails!

hey kids! sorry, stuck in camp mode… so yeah, here i am on day three of my happy trails 11 day program and things are going absolutely awesomely. it is one heck of a schedule, GO GO GO but i’m enjoying always having something to do.
just got back from a horse ride with my girls (who are AWESOME) and i would like to announce that i now know how to saddle my own horse all by myself! yay! i got in the saddle all by myself too, and groomed the giant, AND navigated cones in the areana. no matter that all my junior high girls can do that with their eyes closed…
this morning we went swimming/kayaking. i rolled one of the girls kayaks in a rowdy game of tag (don’t worry, it was the lifeguards idea) so it was good that they had already practiced re-entering the kayak from the water. things got a little crazy, i think all the girls rolled at least 3 times. that’s one thing, my girls definitely are crazy/hyper but so far in the best way possible. yay! and the best thing is, they have yet to wake me up in the middle of the night. *hoping and praying that continues*
anyway, gotta run back, just wanted to let ya’ll know that peach is alive and kickin
much love!

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