key moments in the life of peach – that’s me

so, camp is going well, for the most part. i’m with the counselor in training program – older girls – so it’s been cool but different. it’s a more laid back program because the girls need less babysitting but as such my time off is less clear and there’s always random things keeping me busier than ever.
one of my girls also ended up in the hospital as a result of a tackle game i played with them. ooooo. bad.
we also had to call search and rescue from the bottom of a dry creek bed because we had just hiked 7 miles and all rivers and creeks were dry and girls were getting dehydrated and we had to hike 7 miles back to our site and had zero water left. exciting, eh?
i had an interesting evaluation too. man. i’ve got stories coming out of my ears. i’ll have to tell em after i’m done here though i think.
the reason behind my title: so today we took the cit’s to Bonajance’s – a native american who was a key member of the founding staff of the camp way back in 63 – anyway, we talked about a lot of stuff and one of the things we did was go around and have everyone talk about a pivital moment in their life and basically everyone cried – including yours truly. it got me thinking. a lot of the girls pivital moments were sad ones too. dang it, i have zero time to write all the thoughts in my mind right now! ahhhhh!!!!! k gotta run. love you all!

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