ninjas in the rain

ninja warfare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep, so that was the game that we all played here at camp northwoods last night and it was an absolute BLAST! basically you run around hitting people with wet sponges and noodles cept with more strategy. we all got so into it. picture alissa sprinting up and down this field screaming like a crazy woman “pink! pink! pink! (our team) come on come on! we need swords! we need swords! bombers! go! go! go! go! we’ve got your back! attack!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! we need medics! medics! where are you! go! go! go! attack!!!! ahhhhh!!!!!!” pretty sweet :o)
AND part way through it FINALLY started to rain! like downpour! so we all got soaked and were running around screaming like crazy in the field til finally lighting and thunder drove us in. ahhhh fun night.

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