i love sunshine

it’s been a little while, but that’s ok, i’m a busy girl with limited computer access.
so what’s up with me…NET!!! yep, that’s my life these days. in case you wanted more details:
we’re in so.cal. right now. isn’t that funny? so.cal. as in, southern california. hehe makes me smile. but honestly, a lot of things make me smile lately.
i’ve definitely been hit with a case of giggles many times on retreat in the last few weeks. can’t get through much without laughing it seems. the best was when i totally lost it while teaching the superman grace to 90 some kids. it was so bad we had to switch graces. just finished up an awesome weekend retreat in the mountains. it pretty much rocked! led it with nathan, that was cool, the team worked together really well together, that was awesome. yeah, it was super cool. went hiking in the mountains every day. sweetness.
so the other morning i went running by a prison and didn’t even realize it till i got back. great, huh?g
ot my ears double pierced. didn’t tell anybody. none of the guys noticed. big surprise. made for a fun game with nathan though.
profound thought: don’t sweat the small stuff
anyway, gotta run. don’t know when the next update will be.
much love!

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