snow day in california!!!

well folks, who would have thought, a snow day in california. yep, that’s right, we were supposed to do a retreat today, cuz that’s what we do, you know, retreats everyday, but it got nixed this morning because of around a foot of snow. the city we were going to is in the mountains so that explains the snow.
the crazy thing is that we’re less than an hour away and it’s still sunny and in the 60’s today! it was a bummer to not be able to go up the mountain and do the retreat, but we’ve had a nice relaxing day instead. i went on an awesome run and am now at victoria gardens, chillin.
life on team five is going pretty awesomely. definitely had some ups and downs lately, a big down being danielle leaving the road for surgury, a big up being fun times with the team, rockin prayer, bike riding, and being able to chill. i don’t know if i mentioned it before but i’m learning how to play djembe which is sort of like a big bongo drum. anyway, i have fun pounding on it. can you picture it? alissa the drum player? i’m also working on guitar. hopefully i’ll be able to lead songs on retreat in the next couple weeks. that is slightly nerve wracking but definitely something i want to shoot for. stretching yourself – it’s a good thing.
speaking of good things, i’m still figuring out what i’m doing next year. job offers for this summer would be appreciated ;o). anyway, i gotta run, take care ya’ll! much love!

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