whirlwind update

it’s been a little while
wow. so much has happened since i last put anything up here… like going to OR for a few weeks, undergoing massive amounts of team changes, a bunch of retreats, experiencing LA, and finally crashing for a few days to celebrate easter! how to cover so much ground in a few minutes… hmmm
* northern cali and or are absolutely beautiful! i love the beach, got to spend some good quality time there, go on some good quality bike rides
*mariano had to go home, that was a hard blow for me to take.
*andrew also left for a little while – also hard for me to take, but he’s coming back tonight
*in the mean time, ernie and kyle joined our team. fun times
*i have come to realize a little more what it means to be a minority. nothing like doing a retreat for 130 kids and the NET team being the only white people there!
*venice beach is pretty much amazing. so many interesting people! we stayed in a house literally on the beach for a night and had some fun exploring
*now we’re at kaylene’s house for easter and it so good to relax and celebrate easter!
i’m trying to discern what to do this summer/next year but also want to focus on finishing out the year strong! have an awesome easter!

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