home again, home again

and there was great rejoicing! and sleeping, and visiting, and job hunting, and unpacking, and biking, and re-adjusting.
so, i’m back in good old holt, MI, and it is glorious!
NET was absolutely AMAZING. Definitely where I was supposed to be these past nine months (“where” being all over the USA) Great experiences, growth, fun, and basic undescribableness are ways that i can try to explain “how it was”.
It was tough saying goodbye at wrap-up week. Dealing with emotion has never been something i like doing, in fact i don’t really like it and don’t often cry. I cried. Several times. but ya know, life goes on; i miss my team, i miss NET, but even more so, i am excited for what is in store…working at a video store???
hmmm, so when i was thinking summer job back in lansing, i was hoping it wasn’t going to be quite the challenge it turned out to be. ah yes, the big hurdle of finding people to hire you for a few months, those people numbering close to ZERO. i called about a million and 5 dif. places, filled out apps, resumes, etc etc and thankfully i have a tentitive part time serving job at this cafe in holt, and a possible job at a video store and/or grocery store depending on interviews in the next couple days. not first choices but i’m willing to do whatever I can I guess, seeing as i need the big bucks for going back to school and i am officially a dirt poor post-missionary student.
and the big bucks will be going to: hmmm not sure yet! either aquinas in grand rapids or university of st. thomas in st. paul. i’m still waiting for financial aid to get figured out and then need to make a decision. both good choices for dif. reasons in my opinion. we’ll see!
so yeah, i am in MI for at least a couple months, which feels wierd for me, but, regardless, call me if you want to hang out and once my work schedule gets figured out, or before, let’s party! i’m totally up for some good times with my friends, dance party, coffee, good discussion, lol i feel like i’m writing an ad. i’ll stop now. love you guys! for real!

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