biking in the snow and saving lives

mmmmm life is so good :o)so i’ve been biking a lot lately and, as you know, biking usually takes place outdoors. as you also may know, i am in holt right now. holt has an incredibly high number of cottonwood trees. when it gets to be about this time of year in holt, the cottonwoods do this crazy dandelion-type thing where they just shed this enormous amount of white fluff-balls everywhere. you’re walking, driving, biking, and it’s like it’s snowing! cept it’s wicked hot and humid. anyway…the other day I rode to burchfield and then went hiking. it was a beautiful day, i’m just hiking along, minding my own business, lost in my thoughts, when i notice there’s a man laying on his side next to the trail up ahead. oh no! maybe he’s hurt! have no fear, miss alissa-certified-in-first-aid is to the rescue!!! oh wait, he’s just with some girl. nevermind.
*side-note – after some thought, i realize it’s very important to use caution when rushing up to “hurt” men when hiking by yourself, especially if you’re a woman, for several reasons. i think that would be refered to as common sense.

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