one with nature and, roadkill?

Going for a bike ride in the evening is pretty much the AMAZING! I know, because i just did it! I don’t mean evening as in dark, although that is sweet as well, I mean evening as in that hour right before sunset. Absolutely glorious.
I’m not sure if it’s because of the season, time of day, the fact that bikes are much quieter than cars, or that i’m just way more aware of my surrounding on a bike [vs. a car], or, most probable, a combination of all the mentioned, but i have been seeing a LOT of deer in the fields of Holt lately. I LOVE it!
Being able to see the beauty of nature really adds to the thoughtfulness of a good ride. I’m pretty sure that nature is especially beautiful in those moments before sunset. It’s as if the fields are rejoicing over a good day and getting dressed up for one last kiss from the sun before slipping into the elegence that is night. What a glorious kiss it is. THAT is my favorite color of sunshine. The intense, golden rays, that seem to make everything they touch absolutely beautiful.
It especially favors deer because of the natural red color of their coats. They shine, golden amber in the fields, each a little mirror of the sun’s beauty itself. I love deer. They are beautiful, graceful, and powerful.
***So the other day i’m riding my bike (you know writing about bike rides is the coolest thing ever) and i’m havin a grand old time.
Enter Alissa’s train of thought during this particular bike ride…
oh my gosh it is beautiful out here today
stupid potholes.
ooo there’s deer in the field!
hey this is cool, i’m biking at the same speed as them running, sweetness, i’m like one with nature [yes, i use the word “like” in my thoughts]
ouch! darn bug, wonder if there’s a mark on my face
whoa! the deer are gonna cross the road right in front of me!
this is so cool!
ok, truck approaching from behind at full speed, keep bike on shoulder, check
darn, i guess the deer won’t be crossing any more
oh wait, yes they are[at this point the truck slams on its brakes to barely avoid hitting the buck about 20 feet ahead of me. the buck happily prances across the field, its friend still on the other side of the road continuing to run alongside my bike.]
hey! that was cool! i was really close to the deer.
that truck definitely almost hit that deer.
shoot that would have been pretty dangerous for me.
i wonder what happens when a 250 lb. deer flies off a windshield into a bike rider?
glad i didn’t find out.
ew, there’s a dead deer in the ditch.
dude, you would think deer would learn from their friends – do not cross there. you will die. guess not
hey! the other deer is still runnin with me!
ooo i like this song
what should i make for dinner?
…and so the train of thought continued.

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