beautiful physical exertion

There are many random things in everyday life that inspire me; golden sunlight, hearing the perfect song, delicious coffee, interesting soundbites, hugs, thought provoking phrases, and seeing people exercise, that one especially.
For an activity that so many people consider tedious, or even torturous, i see something so beautiful in people using their bodies at high heart rate levels. i guess exercise is a way to use the gift that we have been given in our bodies. we have always been meant to move and there is true beauty in fulfilling our purposes in life. such as going for jog.
Over the past couple months i’ve seen a lot of people exercising in the lands of holt and okemos, and, as weird as it may seem, i find myself inspired every time.* not necessarily just to exercise myself, but just plain inspired about nothing in particular. (or everything in particular) So here’s to all those independent athletes who push themselves day after day. thanks for inspiring me.
Here’s to the moms i see every morning running with their kids in a stroller.
Here’s to the old lady who’s always walking her dog.
Here’s to the guy doing martial arts in the field.
Here’s to all those incredibly in shape runners who go so much fast than i ever do.
Here’s to everyone who isn’t worried about getting dirty, sweaty, or having bugs stuck in their hair;
you guys rock my socks off.

*a few exceptions: when i get passed on my bike by some hot shot with a $500 bike and blazing orange spandex riding jersey who thinks he’s all that, when a jogger’s outfit is, eh, unflattering in the worst way possible, when people take up the whole road so i almost hit them with my car, these things are not inspiring. i also don’t really find strength training very beautiful. lifting weights just isn’t the same as covering distance. (but some strength training is an important part of any balanced exercise program so i make myself do it even though i’m usually self uninspired for its duration in case you were wondering) :o)

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